Sep 26 2013

Masonry Layout Meets Politics

Posted by: CRAFT

CRAFT is proud to work with Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-19), an Army hero who served our country in uniform for 24 years. Recently, we launched Colonel Gibson’s redesigned campaign website, a non-traditional, tile-themed site that breaks the mold of typical political pages.

Our approach was inspired by a geometric, dynamic grid layout that gives gives users strong focal points. The result is a page full of clean images that keep the user engaged and continually browsing.

Our design creatively highlights interactive content, like web video and interactive photo tiles, as well as high-value actions, like donations and volunteerism.

We encourage you to check back with the site as we will be adding more features in the future, such as a homepage blogroll. The blog will post fresh news clips and interesting content that’s important for voters and active Gibson supporters.

For more information on CRAFT’s website services email Matthew Dybwad