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Jan 09 2015

Mastering the A,B’s

Posted by: John Randall

To successfully execute a digital advertising campaign, you must first master the ABCs of digital advertising.  Generating valuable insights and delivering the best results for ad campaigns starts with testing your messages, images, and target audiences. A common practice in marketing is A/B testing, which strategically tests two variables against each other. Applying this practice [READ MORE]

Sep 29 2014

We Hold These “Truths” To Be False

Posted by: John Randall

In politics, there are “truths” that exist — until they are refuted by actual facts. These “truths” are a result of promises from candidates or previous experiences. Examples of these include: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and “Republicans trail Democrats when it comes to digital campaigning.” The first has already [READ MORE]

May 29 2014

Programmatic Advertising 101: What you need to know about it and why

Posted by: CRAFT

There is a growing practice in the digital space called “programmatic advertising.” It’s all the rage and more companies are doing it everyday. But few people know exactly what it is. Much like the latest celebrity diets, people are subscribing to the practice of programmatic advertising but don’t entirely understand what it is or how [READ MORE]

May 01 2014

Why CRAFT built Levers

Posted by: CRAFT

Programmatic ad buying, which is what CRAFT Levers does, plugs into and enhances every part of a campaign. As the latest installment of AdExchanger’s Data-Driven Thinking points out, programmatic advertising, while not a strategy in and of itself, is strategic in its application. Programmatic is the hub at the center of any integrated digital marketing [READ MORE]