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Nov 23 2015

District of CRAFT: What Will People Find?

Posted by: CRAFT

WHAT WILL PEOPLE FIND WHEN THEY LOOK FOR YOU? ★★★ CRAFT designed and developed a new digital image for three organizations with three separate objectives. ——————————- Did You Know… CRAFT ADDS FOUR MORE. LEIF LARSON, JOSH FALZONE, SARAH FINK, AND ISABELLE LEICHTMAN joined CRAFT. Leif Larson, Political and Advocacy Manager, will develop strategy and advertising [READ MORE]

Oct 22 2015

District of CRAFT: I Have a Few Questions for You

Posted by: CRAFT

1. HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATEST FROM CRAFT? When you have talented animators and a ton of client work you’re excited about, you create a video. CRAFT’s list of clients is growing. We’ve been busy designing collateral, filming videos, developing websites, earning media, creating logos, and making ads. To showcase our cutting-edge work, we crafted [READ MORE]

Aug 18 2015

Fighting for Small Businesses

Posted by: John Randall

We produced this video for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, educating small business owners about the PACE Act and urging them to contact their elected officials to demand they support it. This act will protect small business owner, ensuring health premiums don’t rise for millions of Americans.    

Aug 12 2015


Posted by: CRAFT

HELP US WELCOME THE NEWEST MEMBERS OF OUR TEAM ★★★ AS REPORTED BY POLITICO: Lauren Sinclair joins CRAFT from FleishmanHillard Chicago. Lauren has a background in health care and corporate public affairs and will help lead CRAFT’s digital, social, and branding accounts. Jane Connors, former client strategist at Engage and online strategist with Ketchum, joins [READ MORE]

Jun 30 2015

Do You Know What June 30th Is?

Posted by: CRAFT

SOCIAL MEDIA IS HERE TO STAY ★★★Today, marks the 6th annual social media day or #SMDay. Whether you tweet, post, snap or insta, you have to agree that social media has a profound impact on our lives, influencing the way we shop, work, exercise, travel, and vote. SIX KEY SOCIAL MEDIA TAKEAWAYS FOR COMMUNICATIONS EXPERTS [READ MORE]

Jun 02 2015

District of CRAFT: Ever Wonder How They Build Those Huge Cranes?

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EVER WONDER HOW THEY BUILD THOSE HUGE CRANES? ★★★ We did. CRAFT CLIENT MILLER & LONG CHALLENGED OUR TEAM TO VISUALLY CAPTURE THE ASSEMBLY OF A CONSTRUCTION TOWER CRANE. As you can see, only a video can do the process justice, showing the giant crane coming to life next door, just one block from the [READ MORE]

May 15 2015

District of CRAFT: Were you spotted?

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CRAFT’S JOHN RANDALL NAMED A TOP DIGITAL DOG ★★★ CRAFT’s VP of Digital, JOHN RANDALL, was just named among DC’s Top Digital Talent by FamousDC. John led digital at the NRCC, the NRSC, and worked for AOL before becoming CRAFT’s Digital Grand-Poobah. John’s leadership is one reason behind CRAFT’s reputation as a digital powerhouse. CRAFT ADDS [READ MORE]

May 01 2015

District of CRAFT: Inaugural Issue

Posted by: CRAFT

★★★ CRAFT recently won 4 Telly awards for our creative client work. Telly’s honor the very best film and video production, groundbreaking digital video content, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs. This recognition brings CRAFT’s agency award total to 71 in 5 years, solidifying our creative as among the best in the [READ MORE]

Mar 26 2015

CRAFT Creates Award Winning Website

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CRAFT’s work for the Chris Gibson campaign won back to back Pollie and Reed awards this year. CRAFT won the Silver Pollie in the Internet Division for Best Use of Negative/Contrast at the Pollies Awards for NY-19 Makes the Call, a contrast site for Chris Gibson’s re-election campaign. This is an addition to winning Best [READ MORE]

Mar 06 2015

Which creative person would you like to have dinner with?

Posted by: CRAFT

During our company meeting, CRAFT partner Brian Donahue posed this question to the team, “If you could have dinner with any famous creative person, dead or alive, who would it be?” Check out the CRAFTers dream dinner dates: Elise- Roger Ebert Catie- Taylor Swift Danielle- Quentin Tarantino John- Bill Watterson Morgan- Mindy Kaling Nadav- Andy Warhol [READ MORE]